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With over 20 years of computing experience, Aamicus Computers can meet your every need.

All of our computer engineers are fully trained in Microsoft Windows, Linux and Unix applications, along with many other specialised software applications such as Auto Part, Frontier, Finplan, Microsoft Office, Myriad, Sage and many more.

Aamicus Computers also provide a Web Design, Hosting and Maintenance service – provided by our very own web team.

Aamicus Computers offer the best computer repairs in the North West, as well as producing custom built computer systems, tailor made to suit your requirements, from high powered gaming computers, TV media centers home office all-in-one solutions right the way up to building your business empire.

We can design the perfect in home office/business office network depending on your needs right down to the smallest details.

Company Ethos

Here at Aamicus Computers, we pride ourselves on our workmanship, and our honest and fair approach to computer repairs. We strongly believe that the customer should only pay for what needs to be paid for. Now this may sound like a silly or obvious statement but it was only recently that it came to our attention that some trades people still had a somewhat Neanderthal approach to home visits. Aamicus has always enforced a No Fix, No Fee, policy. After all why should you, the customer pay for our incompetence? It is at this point I would like to point out that we have never had to implement the No Fix, No Fee policy, as all of our engineers are fully competent in every aspect of what we specialise in.

It was while watching watchdog a few weeks ago weeks ago, I was shocked that trades people are entitled to charge for travelling to and from suppliers to get parts for a repair. Now that statement may now sound too outrageous however let me put this into context. You call us because your computer will not turn on, you would be asked a few more basic symptoms such as do any of the lights flicker when you press the power button, have you tried the power lead from your monitor in your computer etc and from these basic questions we would be able to come up with a diagnosis based on our experience and expertise. From this diagnosis we would know what parts to bring with me, If I then chose not to bring the parts I thought I would need that would be my fault not yours. And therefore you, the customer should not have to pay me for travelling to get them! Where I come from that’s called dragging a job out so more money can be extracted from the customer! The very reason you are ringing someone else to do something for you is because you are unable to do it yourself and you appreciate that experienced professionals in any line of work would be able to diagnose and repair your problem faster and to a much higher level of quality than you can yourself. If you rang a mechanic because your car wouldn’t start, and they turned up and scratched their head for a bit and then said ok I need to go get some jump leads I think your battery is flat. Would you not ask yourself “why haven’t you got any with you?”

After that little ramble comes the point I am trying to make, our whole company ethos, we are fair, honest and reliable. We will probably never be millionaires but we can sleep at night and we can look our customers in the eye and know that they could not have had the same job done anywhere else, not only as cheap as we can do it but at the level of quality that we can do it!

Our promise to you is, before any work is carried out on your system we will discuss the cost. This way you will never be landed with a unexpected bill, We will never charge you for going to or from suppliers to collect parts for your repair. Any work that is carried out on your system you can be sure that it is of the highest quality and last but by no means least, all of our advice is free! From what is the best antivirus program on the market, to what is the best mobile phone to have, we will never charge for advice, just give us a call or drop us an email.

Aamicus Computers, Fair, Honest and Reliable


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We have a remote support system that allows us to assist you in 3 easy steps. Simply get in touch via the Contact Us page & a representative will be happy to assist you.

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