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Dot Matrix Printer

Just a quick post, I was just browsing through the photos on my phone and this one made me chuckle. Thought I would share, Windows 2000 and a dot matrix printer still going strong. Churning out about 300 pages a week for the past 15 years!!! I personally blame the people who maintain this company. […]

Workshop 2 Re-Fit

This post is just a little update for all our customers who are interested in the progress of the re fit of workshop 2. The good news is all the new repair equipment has arrived and been tested 100%, the new storage solution and job management system has been deployed and the most important part of the whole refit, […]

Have we Discovered the Successor to Bluray?

Here at Aamicus Computers, we like to stay ahead of technology. This enables us to not only know what we are talking about but also allows us to advise our clients about ground breaking money saving developments. However on this occasion we feel we have been a little slow to pick up on this new development […]

Microsoft announces next version of Windows Mobile

Microsoft has announced the next version of its Windows Mobile operating system, some of the new features include tighter Facebook & Windows Live itegration. Other features include Office 365 & SkyDrive, plus the ability to play online against Xbox 360 gamers.

Just Another String to Our Bow

Did you know that Aamicus Computers do more than just repair and maintain computer systems? Well for those of you that did not know here we go, We can offer help with your computer applications – that’s right, your computer doesn’t have to be faulty to get an in home visit from one of our engineers. We have many people that just require […]

Arthritis in children increase blamed on gadgets

Medical researchers are blaming increasing rates of arthritis in children on the ever increasing number of handheld gadgets being used by todays kids. The gadgets at the top of list said to most popular are mobile phones & games consoles with some kids spending up to seven hours a day playing on the the devices.

Internet Explorer vulnerability raises privacy concerns

A security flaw in Microsoft‘s Internet Explorer browser unveiled recently allows hackers to gain access users personal information on websites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google Mail. The vulnerability utilises cookies stored on the users computer & currently affects all versions of Internet Explorer on any version of Windows.

PlayStation network hack will cost Sony $17m

The hack on Sony‘s PlayStation network where hackers managed to get hold of over 100 million customers details, resulting in the network being offline for a total of 23 days is said to have cost the firm over $17m. That is excluding any legal costs for court cases brought against them & the identity theft […]

Fully integrated Windows Media Centre

Once again here we are with a product that is so polished you need shades to watch it, A fully intergrated home theatre P.C. Giving access to all online content such as the BBC iPlayer, 4 on demand and with live streaming from SKY giving access to hundreds of films at the touch of a […]

Latest Sky router Wifi range increase

They say a photo is worth a thousand words, so here is the equivalent of a million word post. We got our hands on the latest offering in the line of Sky routers, its no surprise the Wifi was poor to say the least. So as we are master engineers, we decided to make a […]

Latest News & Updates

  • Kevin Stelfox – Retirement Solutions

    When our company came to move office due to expansion we had to decide whether to upgrade our standard BT Analogue system or install a new VOIP system. We decided to enlist the help of local firm Aamicus to provide a cost analysis and summary of advantages and disadvantages of each system. Aamicus presented the […]

  • Lee Preston – Inox Fabrications

    As Inox moved with the times adding more and more CNC state of the art machines to its arsenal, we also needed to keep upto date with the IT side of things and the lads @ Aamicus came with a very good reference from our admin company, over the years the lads @ Aamicus have […]

  • Lisa Greenhalgh – Finlay Jude Associates

    Aamicus have expert knowledge of the IT industry and understand the needs of my business. They are very personable and provide an excellent service at all times. I would have no hesitation in recommending Aamicus to any business as the service is of a high standard.

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