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Pentium II CPI

Here at Aamicus we have quite an extensive grave yard of computers, from all different backgrounds. Some are retired machines from business networks, some are abandoned by their owners as they felt that it was uneconomical to repair the computer & some are just things we get offered because they may come in use to us for parts. Unfortunately we very very rarely use them for parts as we cannot guarantee them & we do not like sending jobs out that we are not 100% confident with. Back in the day when computers did not change as fast as they do now this was very common practice for computer companies to offer a second hand alternative for a part, but with new technology being released all the time the chances of getting a CPU that will fit your 18 month old Motherboard are slim these days. The demand for used components has dropped with one exception, we had a customer bring us a 20 year old system running DOS. One of the memory modules had failed, this little old system was reasonable for controlling a CNC machine that cost over £30k and replacing it was not at the top of the list of its owner. Thankfully our grave yard came up trumps and we were able to replace the 32 pin EDO memory module and the day was saved.

I have just read that paragraph back and I am thinking I am sure there was a point to this post & it has completely lost me????? Ahh that was it, the point is if your stuck for a really old component and it looks like there is very little light at the end of the tunnel, we may be able to help. You never know we may just have the component you need, some of the more obscure components I have come across today whilst rooting about are Slot1 to Socket 370 converters, LS-120 Drive, internal ZIP drives, ISA token ring network adapter just to name a few. I do keep threatening myself with a clear out but I just cannot seem to bring myself do it.

Another spin on this is that we also have computers here that are not that old & if your looking for a basic system just for pottering about on for say a Linux project or a basic system for the kids to use, the fastest CPU i came across was a Pentium 4 3.06Mhz, I would like to think there is plenty of life left in the old girl yet & it would be great to get that back up and running for someone.

So weather your looking for a obscure component that you thought was lost in the technological tundra that is time or simply looking for a cheap and cheerful second hand base unit for the kids, the chances are we will be able to help you. As you probably know we are only in Ashton Under Lyne & we can deliver to all surrounding areas by arrangement.

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